The iTero Intra-Oral Scanner at Dr. Sajan’s Victoria BC Dental Clinic

Dental imaging is a foundation of oral health diagnostics. The iTero Intra-Oral Scanner plays a key role in imaging in our clinic, allowing us to take impressions without the ‘goop’ associated with traditional impression materials.

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    What is the iTero Intra Oral Scanner?

    The iTero is a device we use to create 3D images of our patient’s mouth. We have had an iTero in our office since 2010 and recently updated to a newer version, the iTero Element. This scanner allows us to make models and take impressions within a couple of minutes — without the goopy impression materials of the past. The small wand captures a video of all teeth (including the hard-to-reach and hard-to-see places) to allow us to have a better view of your mouth. It also takes a record of your bite, so we can analyze any bite issues that may be present. The iTero comes equipped with a large touch screen that allows you to see what is happening in your mouth, because we can move the impressions around on the screen and zoom in to areas to get a better view. These impressions can be used for our records, sent to the lab for treatments such as crowns, bridges and nightguards, or sent to Invisalign or Clear Correct for clear aligner therapy. We are also able to compare multiple scans to check on recession, wear, or tooth movement over time. Because the information is stored on a computer, we do not have to worry about any distortion of materials or breaking or chipping of a traditional model. If a record is ever needed in the future, we can retrieve all of our past scans from our secure cloud-based server.

    Did you know…

    the iTero is also linked with Invisalign’s software which allows us to preview what Invisalign therapy could potentially look like. With frequent software updates, the iTero is constantly improving the service to our patients that we are proud to be able to provide.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can visiting a dentist with an intra-oral camera benefit me?

    By choosing a dentist with an intra-oral camera, you could be increasing the chances that you will find decay early enough to pursue conservative treatment options. Furthermore, you are more likely to leave your dental appointments feeling informed and aware of your oral health and how it is impacted by your daily habits.

    What should I expect from intra-oral images?

    Intra-oral images are painless and take only seconds to capture. Your dentist can take photos of an entire mandibular or maxillofacial arch in just two minutes or less. These files are saved digitally in our office. These photos can be used for our records and can also be sent to specialists you may be seeing, or may be shared with insurance companies.

    Will I need more photos in the future?

    If the early signs of decay are found on your intra-oral images, Dr Sajan, your dentist in Victoria BC may obtain additional photos at subsequent visits for comparison. Monitoring the progression of decay can help determine whether treatment is necessary.