Dental Hygiene at Dr. Sajan’s Victoria BC Dental Clinic

We recognize that dental hygiene is an important part of comprehensive dental care. Dental hygiene care ensures that the mouth is free from bacterial, viral or fungal infections. It also ensures that patients are able to maintain their gum and oral bone health.

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    Dental Hygiene

    The gums and bones are vital to keeping your teeth for as long as you can, as they are the structure that keeps them in your mouth. Severe gum disease is responsible for approximately 33% of tooth loss in adults. The hygienist works in conjunction with the other dental team members to ensure optimal oral health. This is accomplished through:

    • Tooth and root cleaning with or without freezing, as needed
    • Diagnosis and evaluation of x-rays
    • Gum therapies including laser treatments
    • Gum, bone and tooth assessments
    • Applying preventative materials to the teeth
    • Oral hygiene instruction and
    • Diagnosis of dental hygiene issues

    Dental hygiene care is a process, not a procedure. Hygiene care is custom tailored for the specific needs for each patient. Hygiene care is re-assessed at each visit at our Victoria, BC dental clinic, and changes made to the plan to ensure that the patient is receiving the highest level of dental hygiene care.

    At home care is the first step in dental care but even with meticulous at home care, professional help is required. Regular dental hygiene visits with our hygienists provide our patients with the best possible prognosis for their mouth. The longevity of the teeth and gums requires maintenance. You would not want to get into a car or plane that has not been properly maintained. So why would you allow to have the part of your body that is responsible for breaking down food go without proper maintenance.

    We have a number of patients in their 80s and 90s that still have their original teeth. Dentures are no longer a forgone conclusion for an aging population. However, it does require the continual process of regular maintenance and vigilant home care. We hope our dental clinic in Victoria BC can be a part of your process.