Dr Sajan Is Now The Custodian of Dr Geddo’s Patient Records

A Letter From Dr. Deanna Geddo


My very dear patients,
The pandemic is not the first ‘unprecedented’ catastrophe I had to face in my life… So, when dental offices were ordered closed, I complied serenely and decided to wait it out…Things got very bad very quickly, and I kept postponing reopening in order to keep my patients, my staff, and myself from being exposed to this most deadly virus! Today, on the 55th anniversary of my graduating as a dentist, I had to make the momentous decision to trust my patients into somebody else’s care, since I can no longer afford to keep my office open.  I know that this will be disappointing news after such a long wait, and I apologize for having postponed my decision for so long, hoping for the pandemic to resolve…Fortunately I found a kindred soul in the person of Dr. Amarjot Sajan, my friend and neighbor, who offered to be the custodian of all my files, and treat my patients with the utmost love and compassion!  Dr. Sajan’s practice is only a block and a half from mine, and I will keep in touch with you all by email, phone, or Zoom, and offer emotional support to those who wish to hold my virtual hand or need my help to process the transition.  You will find Dr. Sajan to be a highly-skilled, warm-hearted, and open-minded dentist, who is also a fun DJ and a Super Dad! I enthusiastically recommend him and encourage you to attend his sun-filled and modern practice!  Thank you for all the wonderful years, and all the love and gratitude, which I wholeheartedly reciprocate!


Warmest wishes and kindest regards…


Dr. Deanna Geddo

A Letter From Dr. Amarjot S Sajan

We are honored and delighted to welcome you to our dental clinic as we transition patient care from Dr. Deanna Geddo to Dr. Amarjot S. Sajan. Our modern practice is  located just a few blocks away from Dr.  Geddo’s office in the CIBC building on the corner of View and Douglas, right next to the View Street Parkade. Our office is committed to providing high-quality care that blends elements of  holistic with traditional dentistry to give a well-rounded, educated, and preventative dental  experience.  We provide a wide range of
contemporary dental services, including dental hygiene services, laser treatments,  oral cancer screening, oral surgery, root canals, gum surgeries, accelerated clear aligner orthodontics, teeth whitening, crown and bridge work, cosmetic veneers, composite white fillings, night guards, and implant crown placement.
A native Vancouver Islander, Dr. Sajan was born and raised in Nanaimo. He completed his undergrad at the University of British Columbia and his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the prestigious Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Western Ontario. He is supported by an experienced team of staff, many of whom have been working alongside him for several years.
We understand this transition may be  jarring to some, and are committed to  creating a warm and inviting environment
with our experienced team.  Due to the prolonged closure of Dr. Geddo’s office, we appreciate that several patients will be anxious to get their dental treatment back on track. As a result, we are offering two options to clients for their first appointment with us; the first is a records keeping appointment  where patients will meet Dr. Sajan and our team, as well as update records with our practice. This appointment is an hour long and is best reserved for clients who want to get back on track for their regular check-ups and cleanings, but do not have any dental concerns at this time. If clients are having dental pain or sensitivity, would like to discuss a certain type of procedure in-depth, or are concerned that they have treatment that may need to be completed, we recommend booking a complete new patient exam. A complete new patient exam is booked for 2 hours to give us time to do extensive charting, testing and diagnosis of outstanding restorative work, as well time to discuss any questions or concerns.
To be able to field requests in a streamlined and timely manner, we ask that any follow-up questions or concerns be sent to us via email at reception@drsajan.ca. We accept bookings by telephone or via our website. The office phones are currently answered from 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday.
Our office has several COVID-19 protocols in place for both patient and staff safety; therefore, we ask that patients refrain from dropping into the office without an appointment so we can properly screen clients and explain our policies.
Again, welcome to our practice. We are excited to continue with you on your dental journey and look forward to speaking
with you soon.
Warm Regards,
Dr. Amarjot S. Sajan and Team