Minimal Oral Sedation at Dr. Sajan’s Victoria BC Dental Clinic

Oral Sedation is a type of dental analgesia used by dentists across the world.  Oral sedatives are highly effective for giving highly anxious patients a sense of euphoria during their dental experiences. Oral sedatives are administered before a dental appointment, under the oversight and care of a licensed dentist. Whether a patient has special needs, is afraid of the dentist or is simply too active to sit still through a dental treatment, minimal oral sedation is a helpful tool for getting anxious dental patients to relax and cooperate, while still allowing them to maintain a state of awareness.  Patients must fill out an updated medical history immediately before receiving oral sedation.  Oral sedatives cannot be used on someone who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.  Pregnant women are also not candidates for oral sedatives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I consider oral sedation for my next visit?

If you have a fear of the dentist, or have extensive dental treatment needs, minimal oral sedation may be a topic that you should explore with your dentist.

What should I expect when I am sedated?

You will be asked to take an oral sedative at the beginning of your appointment. The amount of drug administered will be set to help you relax while staying completely alert and responsive. Oral sedation makes people feel warm, lightheaded, or even tired. It also has mild pain-relieving properties. At the end of the minimal oral sedation treatment, you will need to be driven home by a responsible adult and monitored for 24 hours.

Will I need to follow any special instructions when caring for myself following sedation?

Yes.  Once you leave our dental clinic in Victoria BC, you should not drive, operate any dangerous equipment or make any major life decisions for the first 24 hours.  You should be monitored by a responsible adult for 24 hours.  You should be assisted while walking or taking any stairs.  Continue to take any medications and eat as you would normally do so.  We will not allow you to go home without a responsible adult being present to take you home.  This is for your own safety.